EFW SS20 models (left to right) Osheea, Makeda, Monique, Raven and Crystal wearing EFW SS20 designer AYO BY YINKA. (Photo: Jerry Hoo)


EBONY FASHION WEEK is more than a fashion show… It’s a celebration!

EBONY FASHION WEEK celebrates the beauty, diversity, culture and history of the Black influence. We celebrate our communities of color and their contributions to our society and provide a consistent platform for proud men and women to use their voices, to dig deeper into the knowledge of who they are, and to celebrate the very essence of their existence without restriction or apology. 

Why not celebrate an unparalleled fashion sense while you’re at it?

EBONY FASHION WEEK is an annual, week-long celebration of African-American culture, arts and of course… Fashion!




EFW emphasizes bridging the gap between grassroots communities and the high fashion industry. We aim to normalize the celebration of Black beauty, Black style, history and influence and to acknowledge the contributions that Black swag, music, art and cuisine have made to the shape of our society today. We provide an annual platform for designers to push their talents to the limits and showcase their talents in a sophisticated, all encompassing milieu. 



Lunaversoul Jewelry.


Who is EFW for?

EFW is for the every day citizen. The working man. The stay at home mom. The she-trepreneur. The bold or the bashful, EFW is for people of color from all walks of life, and for those whose wish to celebrate with them. A movement created by the community, for the community, EFW is common ground for communities of color to practice consistent    love and service to one another.


ITM 2018 model Rukio wearing AYO BY YINKA.



What will you see at EFW?

From casual to couture, EFW will showcase an astounding collection of artistic designs from Black designers around the world. Bright colors. Extravagant Furs. Out-of-this-world hair. Textiles, and heels that touch the sky will sashay down an beautifully decorated runway. Along with a breathtaking display of Black fashion and beauty, prepare to walk away with a heightened knowledge of Black history, presented through music, optics, and culinary art. Get to know your neighbors while you bask in a plethora of Black-owned business vendors, who provide top notch services to meet your every day needs.




Why Ebony Fashion Week?

In addition to EFW providing ample space for culture to be exalted, proceeds from EFW go directly to grassroots organizations that push our communities forward.

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